Wine Business Marketing

Probably the best way of marketing your wine business is to use Google AdWords PPC (pay per click) marketing.

We are not saying it should be the only way – there are many complementary methods of making your target audience aware of your wine offering like:-

  • email marketing – need to have a good list to work from and a mechanism for getting new subscribers use a good system such as MailChimp¬†or ConstantContact
  • offline marketing – can be really effective if you get the right distribution.
  • search engine optimistion – can be effective but takes time
  • local search promotion – this is really powerful if you want to attract local customers.

AdWords PPC has some distinct advantages:-

  • complete control of your marketing
    • control your budget
    • target by location and audience
    • switch it on or off as required.
    • complete traceability from keywords through to conversions
  • different types of marketing – search, display, remarketing
  • relatively easy to get started

However there are some distinct disadvantages:-

  • easy to spend your budget with little return if you do not know what you are doing.
  • AdWords is not set and forget – you need to look after your campaigns to ensure that you get some return.

The best way to achieve results is to set out what your marketing objectives are and the budget you are prepared to spend to achieve it. Then employ someone who offers PPC Management Services. They will be able to get everything set up and running for you including setting up conversion tracking.

If the PPC manager is worth their salt they should be able to provide you with a good return on your marketing spend. However it is always worth keeping them under pressure to deliver improvements ans they have a tendency to ease off once the campaigns have started to mature.